Friday, 28 April 2017

Remix: St Georges Day Walk

Last Sunday was St Georges Day, a day which I don't really feel lie we celebrate enough here in England. It seems very odd to me that we have such big celebrations for St Patricks Day but not a day that celebrates our own England. Because of this I try to mark it in my own little way and so I put on my most English outfit (I felt like the little London soldiers and policeman were very English) and decided we should go out for a cream tea. We decided to visit Basildon Park and go for a bit of a walk, it turned out we were in luck as all the bluebells had come out in the wood and we were surrounded by a sea of indigo. It was absolutely stunning and I really enjoyed posing for outfit posts amongst the flowers feeling like a woodland fairy.

I bought this dress from Cath Kidston about 8 months ago and its one of those easy comfy pieces that I feel can go all year round. In my previous post I styled it with a jumper and little red trainers, this time as it was warmer I opted for bare arms and a cardigan for when the wind blew but its also a great dress to pair with wooly tights and boots in the winter. The bag was a present from my sister and brother for my birthday from Joanie, its such a cute shape and I think it will help add a bit of character to a lot of outfits.

What I Wore...
Dress - Cath Kidston (Old) | Shoes (Old) | Cardigan M&S (Old) | Bag - Joanie 
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Monday, 24 April 2017

Fashion Revolution Week

Today marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week, a week which promotes slow, ethical and sustainable fashion as well as encouraging people to start asking questions about where our clothes come from. You can find out a lot more about Fashion Revolution Week and Fashion Revolution on their website but here is a quick summary from their about page;  "Fashion Revolution Week is our #whomademyclothes campaign in April, which falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013. That is the day Fashion Revolution was born. During this week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain." 

I myself have only just started to learn about the huge impact the fashion industry is having on our planet but I wanted to share a little about my journey in the hope it might help other people learn more and want to make a change. I absolutely loved fashion growing up and would regularly go into Liverpool to spend all my pocket money on clothes as a teenager. I would go to shops like Primark or Forever 21 where I could get a whole new wardrobe every month for only £50. As a teenager I saw nothing wrong with this but as I got older I realised I really didn't want to buy cheap throw away clothes and instead started to really slow down and buy key pieces that would last instead of clothes to only wear once then throw away. I was still buying a lot of clothes but it was a start. 

Having always had a love for fashion I couldn't wait to start a fashion side to my blog, it took me a while to get up the guts to start creating outfits and taking pictures of them but once I'd started I couldn't stop. However I soon found myself struggling with the ethics of the fashion blogging world. Most of the fashion blogs I aspired to would post an outfit nearly three times a week and all of them were made of completely different pieces of clothing. I started to feel as though I needed to be buying new clothes all the time in order to have a successful fashion blog and be like these other bloggers. But I found that the materialistic and consumerist culture really didn't fit me at all. I didn't want to be buying tons of new clothes and only wearing an outfit once, to me this seemed wrong and completely against my understanding of fashion. When I find a piece of clothing I love or put together and outfit that looks great I like to wear it again and again. I tried to fit in, spending all my spare money on clothes but it really didn't fit with my conscions and I found myself becoming more disheartened by my blog. 

One day I read an article about the costumes in the new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. All the costumes had been ethically sourced and many from artisans in India. The article inspired me, I started researching ethical fashion straight away and learnt so much about the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. I learnt that the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world and I read news article after news article about the many fires, building collapses and seriously dangerous conditions in which garment workers work in. I also found out that the majority or garment workers are women, often abused, over worked and barely paid enough to feed themselves let alone their families. I was incredibly shocked by what I learnt and decided I needed to change my buying habits try to help as much as I can. 

Its only been a few months since I started to learn about sustainable fashion but I am learning more and more each day. I have found there are a lot of sustainable fashion bloggers and youtubers with some really great tips on how to change to a slower approach to style. I am still a beginning in the sustainable fashion world but I am looking forward to learning more and sharing it here on the blog. 

If you'd like to learn more about sustainable fashion check these out:

To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World by Lucy Siegle

The True Cost Documentary (Its on netflix!)
My Green Closet has some great Youtube videos all about sustainable fashion with lots of tips on how to change
The Curious Button is a great blog promoting a slower more sustainable way of living 

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Earth Day

“Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth" - Genesis 1:26

Today is Earth Day, a day where we can celebrate this gloriously beautiful planet and all the amazing things God has created. Everyday I am amazed by the beauty that surrounds me and have to pinch myself to remember its all real. I love to explore and spend as much time as I can outside in nature, I find it calms me like nothing else and I always feel I belong there. But today isn't just a day to celebrate our awesome earth, it is also a day to remember it is our job to take care of it. It is a day to remember that even the littlest change will make a difference and we are all responsible for the impact we have on this planet. The way we choose to live our lives effects animals, plants and other people all over the world. We must become aware of what we are doing and not simply say "oh some one else will fix it", because if we don't react soon we will find it is too late and what is lost will be lost forever. There is so much we can do to make a difference, google has some great tips up today which are all things we can do quite easily to help make a difference. Time is of the essence here, we need to change the way this planet consumes before it is too late. So go out and celebrate in the glory of nature remembering we were given this precious gift by God and we must take care of it.  
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Friday, 21 April 2017

Twenty Three

Last Saturday I turned 23 an age that for some reason seems really grown up. It feels like I only just had my 21st birthday party and now here I am two years later and not entirely sure what I've managed to achieve in that time. My husband thinks I have a tendency to be a bit hard on myself as I often feel like I haven't achieved that much when actually I have done quite a lot in the last two years. My life has completely changed since my 21st birthday, for one thing I am married, I earn my own money and I study Creative Writing at Oxford University. Its been a complete turn around to what I was doing two years ago. Although I am quite scared to enter into an age in which I feel I should have more of my life sorted I am also excited to see what God brings about this year. I am a big lover of list making and I've been planning a "what I want to do in my 23rd year" list to give me a bit of direction and remind myself that I do have a plan and know where I am going. 

I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in my favourite place ever, which is of course Scotland. My birthday was the day before Easter Sunday so we were up for the weekend celebrating Easter with my in laws. On my birthday I decided I wanted to go to one of my favourite beaches, Kingsbarns, and walk the dogs but this also meant we could get an amazingly delicious toastie from The Cheesy Toast Shack! My husband had told me a lot about these toasties and so I couldn't wait to try one. He hadn't over exaggerated at all and if you're in the area you have to go and try one of these bad boys. It was rather windy on my birthday and as we walked to the quiet part of the beach we normally like to go to, in true Scottish style we were hit with a freezing cold rain shower. Luckily it cleared up very quickly and the sun shone once again making the crystal clear water sparkle. When we got home from our walk I we all snuggled up next to the Aga and had a slice of my amazing birthday cake. If you haven't guessed from previous posts I have a serious love for Beauty and the Beast (even my wedding had Beauty and the Beast in it) and so my amazingly talented mother in law made me an epic Beauty and the Beast cake. It was so good! 

I had such a lovely birthday and I hope this is the start of many a birthday spent in my dear Scotland. 

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Do You Suppose She Is A Wildflower?

Is there anything more glorious than a warm sunny spring day? Last week we had a few days of absolutely gorgeous weather and although I had quite a lot of coursework to do I was determined to enjoy them. Luckily when I put my head down I can get quite a lot of writing done and so after a morning spent working hard with the occasional long look at the blue skies outside I decided I deserved a break and a country walk was exactly what I needed. We decided to go to Waddesdon Manor which is fast becoming our favourite National Trust property in Oxfordshire. It is conveniently located just half an hour away from our home and the grounds are so extensive that there is always somewhere new to discover. This time we decided to follow the Hygge Hike which takes in the perimeter of the estate. It was a beautiful walk through fields bathed in sunshine and past bright yellow flowers. After an hour and a half of walking we came back up close to the house and found this beautiful bank of flowers. I love the bright yellow that seems to spring up from nowhere this time of year but I don't think I have ever seen so many different types of daffodils, and dotted in between were the beautiful snakes head fritillary flower with its stunning snakeskin pattern on the petals. Nature never fails to astound me and I spent a good half an hour prancing about feeling like Alice in Wonderland. 

The jacket I am wearing is actually a cover up for over your swimming costume but when I saw it a few years ago in the Fatface sale I decided it would make such a cute little jacket in the spring/summer. Its made of a really lovely cool cotton fabric and it makes me feel a little bit like a late Edwardian lady. I enjoyed swishing about in it in the sunshine feeling very glam in my vintageesque tribe sunglasses. I am so excited that the season for sunshine walks, picnics and ice creams has begun, I can't wait till it gets warm enough for some swimming in the Thames! 

What I Wore...
Jacket - Fatface | Jeans - Old | Vest Top - Old | Wellies - Hunters | Sunglasses - Tribe
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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Monthly Read: April

Elizabeth Is Missing By Emma Healy

I have literally just finished this book and started to write a blog post straight away. That is how much I enjoyed it! Although enjoyed probably isn't the best word as this is quite a dark book, it follows the story of Maud Horsham an elderly lady with dementia and interestingly it is written in the first person. I was given it by one of my course mates at uni as my latest writing project is a novel about somebody with early onset alzheimer's. Although I don't want to write in the first person it was so interesting to see Emma Healey's interpretation of what living with dementia is like. Currently working in a care home with people with dementia and also having had my own personal experience of a family member with alzheimer's I found this book to be strikingly realistic. I was amazed at how accurate Healey managed to portray the protagonists slow decline as the dementia takes hold.

The story centres around Maud Horsham and fixation that her friend Elizabeth has gone missing. She is becoming increasingly confused due to her dementia but this worry that her friend Elizabeth is missing continues to come up. As is often the way with dementia the present and the past become very muddled inside Maud's head and her friend Elizabeth being missing reminds her of her own sister going missing 70 years ago. As the story progresses the mysteries entwine and a disturbingly dark truth is unearthed.

It was a gripping novel, I found it very hard to put down and I am so glad it was recommend to me. If you work with people with dementia or have friends or family with dementia I would really recommend you read it as it has a great insight into what it feels like to live with dementia. It's also a great book if you are looking for something a little different and full of suspense. Thoroughly enjoyable!
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Monday, 10 April 2017

Dungaree Dress


The weather right now is making me so happy! I'd forgotten just how much I loved sunny days where you can go for walks in nothing but a T-shirt and trainers. I love being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by greenery and this weather is the perfect excuse to go adventuring round the grounds of a new Nation Trust. We had wanted to go to West Wycombe Park for a while as it's featured in a couple of films we've enjoyed and also because the grounds are just so gorgeous. It was a great place for a slow Sunday amble and I imagine in the summer it would be love to bring a picnic and a book and just spend the afternoon relaxing. West Wycombe Park has some really interesting features including some Roman temples and a picturesque brides across the edges of the lake. At the Temple of Winds we came across more ladybirds than I think I have ever seen in my life, the building was covered in them from head to foot!

This dungaree dress I am wearing is a buy from Fatface last summer. Its a great piece that I feel you can wear all year with a wooly jumper and tights in the winter and a T-shirt and bare legs in the summer. I love Fatface clothing, it's one of those brands that makes pretty and simple clothes but they are also practical and great for someone like me who loves a good amble around the countryside. I also love their commitment to creating ethical clothing, not only do they work very hard to reduce their environmental and social impact but they also create clothing that lasts and doesn't need to be replace every year.

What I Wore
Dungaree Dress - Fatface (Old) | Top - Matalan (Old) | Shoes - Primark 
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