Monday, 8 May 2017

Summer Bucket List

The summer is almost here and I am super excited for all the things we can only do when its warm and hot. One of the benefits of living down South is the summer tends to be quite warm with temperatures reaching 35 degrees last summer (this is very exciting for some one who grew up in the north on the wet and rainy west coast). I absolutely love it when the weather starts to get really hot, when I can go bare legged, eat outside every day and go wild swimming in the Thames river. Every year I like to write myself a little summer bucket list with all the simple things I want to enjoy during the summer so I thought I'd share it on here also. What are your favourite things to do in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 5 May 2017

The Olive Dress

I cannot believe it is now May, this year seems to be going so fast! But as much as I feel time is running away with me I am also super excited for the summer to be getting closer and closer. May is an in between month for me where I feel like it's almost summer but not quite, its almost warm enough for bare legs and sunbathing but not quite and although I love a picnic in any weather we still need a good jumper to enjoy eating in the garden. When I first saw this dress in a shop whilst on holiday in York I couldn't help but picture me wearing it in the sunshine, preferably in wandering the vineyards of Italy. Unfortunately I think my summer will mostly take place in Oxford but I could still see a real place for this gorgeous tea dress in my wardrobe. It was however, a little out of my budget so I left in York and returned to Oxford only to find a few weeks later it had been put in the Lady Vintage sale. I knew I had to have it and am so glad I ordered it. Lady Vintage is a new brand to me but its one of the only vintage remake brands I've managed to find that have a more ethical way of creating their products as all their clothes are made in the UK. A big part of me trying to shop more ethically for clothes is to buy locally made and so finding a brand with such gorgeous and comfortable clothes made in London is a real jackpot. I'm also planning to keep it in my wardrobe long enough to be able to take it to Italy when Russell and I do manage to make it over there!

What I Wore...
Dress - Lady V | Cardigan - M&S (Old) | Shoes - Old | Sunglasses - Tribe
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