Friday, 20 September 2019

My First Hat

Being quite an experienced knitter now able to make lots of jumpers and cardigans some of which I sell over on my Etsy shop, it seems strange that I've never made a hat before. Hats, scarves and mittens are often the first few knitting patterns you go through when you are learning to knit but I've never been one to take it slow. I always want to be able to do everything right now and so it was with knitting. I jumped straight into cardigans a few years ago when I started to knit again after a 10 year break and I haven't looked back since.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I was lucky enough to attend the press launch of Mode at Rowan, a new collection by Rowan which has recently launched. It was such an exciting day and if you'd like to see more go check out my instagram stories under knitting. Part of the press package was a goody bag (always love a goody bag!) and in this bag was a ball of beautiful Big Wool by Rowan and the Daisy Beanie Pattern.

Knitted up on 10mm needles this is a super easy pattern and perfect for a nice relaxing evening or weekend knitting session. I made up my Daisy Beanie in the gifted Big Wool but unfortunately it wasn't really a colour that suited me but I loved the pattern so much I decided to dig out some other super chunky yarn from my stash and make a white one.

I used two balls of Paintbox Super Chunky Wool Mix in Champagne White which worked perfectly. I also decided to add a pom pom because I can never get enough of pom pom hats.

I am super happy with the outcome and I can't wait till it's actually cold enough to wear this. Being white it will go with all my coats and it's tempted me to have a go at making my first ever pair of mittens to match.

If you're looking for an easy hat pattern I would definitely recommend the Daisy pattern and making it up in Big Wool means you get a beautiful 100% merino wool hat. If you want to add a pom pom like I did though I would suggest buying two balls as there isn't enough left from one ball to make the pom pom.

Let me know if any of you have tried this pattern and I would love to hear your mitten pattern suggestions too.

Happy knitting guys!

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Friday, 13 September 2019

Just Begin

"If in doubt, begin"

Those of you who follow my instagram and blog will know that the last few months have been anything but easy. 2019 has been a ridiculously hard year due to very poor health and unfortunately the struggle is still on going. I have both chronic pain and chronic fatigue which means my days are spent alone, at home struggling through trying to find some meaning in life when all that I loved and worked for has been taken away. It's been the hardest challenge of my life so far.

When your body lets you down in such a big way it becomes very easy to be terrified all the time. You cut your life down in a bid for survival trying desperately to find a way of coping. This has been me for the last 8 months. I've lost pretty much everything that made me me. But recently I decided no more. I didn't want to be terrified to live. I didn't want to be kept captive by my chronic illness. Enough was enough.

Of course, this is much easier said than done. I made this decision in my head one night, felt very strongly and then thought and now what? I'm still in pain, I'm still struggling, I'm still exhausted and can barely function. And then I remembered...

"If in doubt, begin"

Just begin. Just begin. Little by little. Step by step. Start reintroducing more and more of you back into your life.

I started reading again. Just half an hour a night was all I could manage with my foggy chronic illness brain but it was good to be doing it again. I started walking again. Small country walks barely fifteen minutes but it was a walk. I started cooking again. Delicious meals from the many recipe books that had sat stagnant on the shelves for months. I even started new things like dress making and dog owning.

But the scariest thing of them all... I started to write again. Tiny little ideas fluttering around my head that never really left me even in my darkest moments. My imagination always there, always waiting.

And so dear reader I want to encourage you today. If like me you are in doubt, you are confused, lost, unsure of yourself I suggest you just begin. After all beginning is the hardest step of them all.

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