Hello, I'm Rachel a 24 year old writer, blogger and activist living in Oxfordshire with my husband. I love fashion and clothes but hate what fast fashion is doing to our planet and it's people. Life With The Roof Down is a sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle blog where I document my journey trying my best to help our planet and it's people through what I buy and wear. I love to share the glamorous more feminine side of sustainable and ethical fashion proving that sustainability isn't just for minimalists and hippies it can be for everyone. 

I often have a lot of friends and family wanting to be more sustainable and ethical but they just aren't sure where to start. I think this is the case for a lot of people so, along with my outfit posts, I try my best to share helpful tips, information and inspiration to encourage people on their journey to living better. None of us will be able to do things perfectly but if we all try to do better we can make a huge impact on our planet. Never underestimate your power to make change happen, individual small actions build up to big changes for our world and its people. 

I hope you find this space to be useful and inspiring. Thanks so much for stopping by and keep up the good work towards creating a better planet. 

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